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Hold a 3 minute plank and help end hunger.

Did you know 1 in 6 children are hungry? No Kid Hungry is working to end childhood hunger in America and they need our help. For every App Store download of 19 Minute Yoga, we’re donating meals to No Kid Hungry. Let's give 10,000 meals together! 

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Progress from a 20 second plank to a 3 minute plank in 30 days.  

Build strength. Join the team. Do good.


Planks build core strength, improve balance, and work your arms, back, and glutes. Planks also boost metabolism, improve posture, and release awesome feel-good endorphins. 


On #Team19MY, people who plank together stick together. Fitness challenges are fun because we get to rally with our favorite people and support each other–it’s a “challenge” after all.
You got this!


There are 13 million children in America who are hungry. Supporting No Kid Hungry directly impacts the next generation of leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers. Let’s team up and make this “Generation No Kid Hungry.”

19 Minute Yoga is available on iPhone and iPad.