Short, audio-first yoga.

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“As a work-at-home mom with four young kids, every minute of my day is accounted for, leaving me no time to commute to the gym. 19 Minute Yoga is the perfect solution. I look forward to waking up every day because I know the first 19 minutes are set aside for me. I love 19 Minute Yoga." 

– Kimberly V.  
Los Angeles, California  

Overwhelmed and out of shape. This feeling led to unhealthy habits and the problem I wanted to solve. I decided to make a tool to help people get unstuck. Yoga was the perfect solution. 

19 Minute Yoga helps you focus on the present and make better decisions. With short, voice-guided classes, you can turn your attention inward and move with intention. 

I wanted people to use this app as a way to rise above the noise and focus on what matters. I wanted to make the most accessible yoga ever. That’s how 19 Minute Yoga was born.

– Nicole D'Alonzo, Founder

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